Backend engineering with Node.js

Backend engineering with Node.js

Micromáster in backend engineering with Node.js

  • Duration: 25 hours during 5 days

  • With diploma of completion.

  • Fechas y horarios:

    Start: december 3, 2018
    End: december 7, 2018
    Timetable: M-F 16:00 to 21:00

  • Positions available 25.

  • 6 months financing.

  • Price 490 euros.

  • Global networking: students, teachers and companies.


This masterclass is designed for any programmer or software engineer who wants to enter and / or gain a expertise in the world of backend development with Node JS.

Course content

Even though Node.js has been created less than 10 years ago it is still rapidly growing and being regularly adopted by organizations of different sizes. Allowing Javascript to be executed on the server-side makes Node.JS an essential tool in the toolkit of many full-stack developers. In this masterclass we will dive into the world of backend Javascript, exploring topics such as the core philosophies of non-blocking I/O, asynchronicity models and the event loop. We will quickly cover introductory topics such as IDE setup and debugging our applications and move on to more advanced ones such as API design, the REST model and the MVC pattern. For data persistence we will also look into MongoDB, which is another popular choice for cloud-based solutions due to its NoSQL nature.

Our main focus will be learning through doing – by the end of this masterclass you will have the knowledge, necessary to create data-rich application from start to finish.


This masterclass is designed for any programmer or software engineer who is interested in backend Javascript work:
  • Students looking for additional training in web technologies
  • Frontend developers who want to become fullstack
  • Web developers who want to modernize their technology stack
  • Engineers from other branches with programming skills who want to switch to software engineering
  • Self-taught Javascript developers seeking to gain additional and best practice knowledge
The course assumes previous programming knowledge (data structures and collections, conditional operators and loops, functions, etc.)
Although it is not essential, familiarity and experience with JavaScript are recommended


As someone who has always been interested in IT Vasil started working on small freelance projects at a very young age. After a few years of balancing his software development hobby and working as a systems administrator he decided to pursue his passion for software engineering by enrolling into a bulgarian software academy. After establishing himself as one of the top students he was invited to become a part of the academy’s team. This was the start of a career which would eventually lead him to be recruited by Amazon as a web development engineer in a few years’ time. He has presented numerous lectures in reputable Bulgarian establishments, such as the Telerik Software Academy, American University of Blagoevgrad and the Software University Conf 2014. In 2018 Vasil also led a workshop on feature testing in Amazon’s internal web development conference WebDevCon EU 2018.



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